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7 Steps to Reach Your Goals Faster.  As a business owner you’ve got goals upon goals.

Those goals you share with the world, and those secret goals that you hold close to your heart. In fact, the whole reason you even HAVE a business is because of a goal. 7 Steps to Reach Your Goals Faster.


7 Steps to Reach Your Goals Faster
Your business started out as a tiny little spark. One that you breathed life into, and turned into a reality. But your goals don’t stop there. There are 7 Steps to Reach Your Goals Faster. Once one is accomplished, you immediately start to think of what it is you want to create next. This is the magic of having your own business. You get to keep on creating.


But what about when you’ve got a goal that you just can’t seem to make progress on. You know that goal. The one you’ve had for a while now, and it still feels as far away as ever. You’ve gotten discouraged and it seems like it might not ever come true.


Early in my business, it felt like this happened to me all the time. I’d follow the goal-setting process everyone teaches: set a SMART goal, give yourself a specific deadline, and create an action plan to reach your goal.
Sounds good, right? But inevitably something would derail my plan, I wouldn’t get the results I wanted, and I’d feel discouraged. I wouldn’t completely give up on my goal, but it would feel farther away than ever.
In order to start reaching my goals and stop feeling so discouraged, I needed a completely different approach to goal-setting. Remember there are 7 Steps to Reach Your Goals Faster.
It’s time to fix it! Let’s get you back on track with your goals, so that you can accomplish them and have FUN along the way.


1. Get crystal clear about your goals.

7 Steps to Reach Your Goals FasterI see this a lot with my coaching clients: They come to me wanting more clients. But haven’t identified exactly what that means. What does your dream business look like to you? Is it a retreat in Costa Rica for 10 women three times per year? Is it an online program that allows you to serve thousands of parents around the world?
The universe cannot respond to fuzzy goals. Neither can your subconscious. You want more money? Be specific about how much more money. You want more clients? Be specific about who and how many clients you want.
At this point, you’re focusing on the end results. The outcome that you truly desire. Don’t worry about the “how” here, just let your heart run wild.


2. Write them down.

It’s not really a goal until you have it written down. Writing down your goals honors their importance, and it breathes life into them.
What should you write down? Anything that excites you. It can be business-related or personal.


3. Write them down again.

You wrote your goals in the previous step? Good. Write them down again. At this point, you are setting your GPS for these goals. You’re programming your destination in. You want to make sure you are regularly rewriting your goals to remind your subconscious of where you are heading.
Rewriting your goals every day will shift you into high-gear in your progress toward them.


4. Expand on your goals.

Now that you have your goals clarified and written down, start to live into them in your imagination. Capture how it will FEEL when you’ve made this goal a reality. What will you be doing on that European vacation? What does it feel like when you slide into the luxurious leather seats of your new car?
For me, this is a daily journaling process; I encourage you to do it daily. When you can bring your emotions into the goal process, you bring it to life. You start to act as if the goal has already become a reality. This will inspire you to take different actions throughout the course of the day, which will bring you closer and closer to your goals.


5. Have fun with them BEFORE they become a reality.

Many of my goals have brought me a lot more pleasure before they became a reality. One of these was my new kitchen. In 2014, I set a goal for myself to remodel my kitchen. I started getting a picture of exactly what I wanted for myself. I just knew my kitchen was coming, even though I wasn’t taking much action other than collecting pictures of what I wanted.
I had so much fun getting ideas, shopping kitchen showrooms with my mother, creating a vision board with my daughter. I imagined people sitting at my new bar laughing with me as I cooked. I picked out flooring and a back splash.
I enjoyed my new kitchen for three years before any work actually began. In 2017, a friend of mine said, “I just had my kitchen redone, and I had the best contractor.” Bingo. That was the moment I was waiting for. As soon as I met Felipe, I knew he was the one who was supposed to bring my new kitchen to life. He had a vision that built on my own.
He saw the kitchen I saw, but he also saw taking down two walls to open up my foyer and dining room. I had never even considered that, but I knew immediately that’s what I had to do.

When work began, my kids and I got to knock down the first few walls, which they still talk about to this day. Every day we would see the work progress, and watch our vision take shape. We couldn’t wait to walk through the door at night to see what they’d done while we were gone.

The day they finished work, we all had a toast to celebrate the gorgeous work they had completed. I love the way they opened up my house and created a space that fits my family perfectly. I still love the feeling of walking in the house to my perfect kitchen.
But I didn’t wait until the kitchen was complete to start enjoying it. I had so much fun with it BEFORE we even tore down a single wall. That’s exactly what you want to do with your goals as well.

Enjoy your goals while they are still in the process of becoming, and you’ll shortcut that process.


6. Ditch the deadline.

When I was consulting, deadlines were essential to our success. I had to deliver a specific outcome for a client in a certain period of time. In those cases, I knew EXACTLY what we had to do to reach the outcome and how long it would take.
But that’s not the type of goals you’re creating for yourself. You’re venturing into uncharted territory. You’re creating something that you’ve never done before. (Exciting!) Because of this, you don’t know what it will take, nor do you know how long it will take to get there.
Deadlines are the MOST DESTRUCTIVE aspect of goal-setting for business owners. They set you up for failure and disappointment. Because you’re in uncharted waters, you have no idea how long it will take you to cross the $100,000 mark, or the $500,000 mark.
If you create an arbitrary deadline for yourself and you miss it, you’ll get down on yourself and lose track of all the success you’ve had. This totally derails you and actually slows down the process, making it MORE DIFFICULT to reach your goals.

Instead of giving yourself an arbitrary deadline for your goal, release any expectation that it will happen in a certain period of time.


7. Take inspired daily action.

Here’s the problem with so many “action plans”. When you are setting your goal and creating your 7 Steps to Reach Your Goals Fasterplan, you have NO IDEA how to get there. If you knew what it takes to reach your goal, you’d already be doing it right? From where you are today, you simply don’t know what actions it will take you to reach your goal because you’re doing something you’ve never done before.
So what’s the answer? Don’t make an action plan for your goal. Instead, commit to taking daily inspired action. See, when you follow these steps, you’ll be full of inspiration. You’ll get ideas out of nowhere that will leapfrog your success forward.

Take action on that inspiration each day to make the fastest progress toward your goal.

Goals should inspire and delight you. They should make you eager to see what’s going to happen next. It gives you the joy of creating something meaningful for you AND your clients.
Let the process be fun, and you’ll achieve your goals faster than you ever have before. Don’t forget the 7 Steps to Reach Your Goals Faster.
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