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Jennifer Sneeden

Business Coaching for Women Entrepreneurs: Why it Matters

The first time I hired a business coach, I paid her $300 for a 1-hour coaching session. This was $300 I most definitely did NOT have just laying around. I had to spread it out over 2 different credit cards. (Not my proudest moment for sure.) At the time, I had started... read more

Money Mindset for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, your money mindset affects EVERY aspect of your business. Things you might not even realize, like these: Undercharging for your products or services Being afraid to “put yourself out there” Not following through with potential clients Missing... read more

Is Your Money Mindset Blocking Your Success?

What’s your first reaction when you hear “money mindset”? Does it sound a bit woo-woo to you? A bit “fluffy”? Be honest. It does, right? Money mindset DOES sound a bit woo-woo. But it’s not. Your money mindset affects every aspect of your business, and as an... read more

About Jennifer

Jennifer is an author, speaker, therapist, mentor and visionary. Her passion for helping entrepreneurs build successful businesses is the driving force behind her own success.

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