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This is the time for social media.

Social media has never been as important to your business and your clients as it is right now. If you’re a bit “late to the game” and haven’t been active on social media, here are a few ideas to jump start your social media.

  1. Just show up. How many half-written posts have you deleted because they weren’t good enough? We don’t need perfect right now. We just need you to show up as your authentic, imperfect self.
  2. Consistency is essential. You can’t post twice this week and then go dormant for the next seven weeks. Yes, I know that happens, but you’ve got to be actively posting on a consistent basis. (Click here to learn how we help our Social Content Cure members post consistently:
  3. Be a voice of hope and reassurance. We’ve had more bad news than we can handle, thank you very much. The news media is NEVER going to be a voice of hope; that’s what makes YOU so important. Whether its inspirational quotes, funny memes, or specific advice, you have a chance to shift the conversation in your community.
  4. Focus on one platform. Don’t try to be everywhere all at once, if this is new to you; that’s the sure path to overwhelm and giving up. Start small. If you love Instagram, make that your platform. If you love Facebook, stick with that. If you don’t have a preference, or you’re just starting out, Facebook is the place to be.
  5. Invite people to contact you for more help.The biggest problem so many therapists, coaches, and healers have with social media is not posting consistently. The second biggest problem is that they never invite people to take the next step toward working together. People want to take the next step to work with you, but they need you to tell them what step you want them to take.


Because social media is so important to your business right now, I’ve created a FREE 5-Day “Build Your Social Media Presence” Challenge. If you’ve stalled on social media in the past, let me help you finally crack the code on creating consistent content. Learn more here: