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Episode #1: How to Charge Your Worth

Jun 4, 2019

You Will Learn

  • Why your business is a reflection of your beliefs.
  • Why your fee structure should offer programs at different levels.
  • The 3 simple steps to charging what you’re worth.

Resources & Links

Episode #1: How to Charge Your Worth

When it comes to setting fees, most entrepreneurs struggle. They either don’t know how much to charge or they feel like they’re charging too much. And unfortunately, when you’re in a service-based business, there are usually no guidelines.

This leaves most therapists with two options:

  1. Let me find out what everybody else is charging and charge a little bit more.
  2. Let me set a fee I can charge that won’t annoy people.

And the truth is, neither of those are a great pricing strategy. 

That’s because with this approach:

  • People tend to undercharge their services
  • Are worried that clients will abandon them if they charge more
  • And feel guilty when they actually do increase their prices.

 In this episode, my marketing coordinator Candice Cummings explains how to charge what you’re worth and attract clients that are willing to pay your fees.