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Episode #2: Embracing Your Gifts

Jul 6, 2019

You Will Learn

  • How to shift your thinking to “what if this is for me and not against me?”
  • How to use everything that happens in your life as steppingstones to create the circumstances that you most desire.
  • Ways to identify areas of your business that are causing you dissatisfaction and bring joy back to them.
  • Tips to transform yourself into the person you need to become for your business to grow and flourish (Hint: your business is simply a reflection of your own spiritual and personal growth).

Resources & Links

Episode #2: Embracing Your Gifts

Are you living a life that is not true to yourself or your business?

Let’s be honest: our daily responsibilities can make us forget about the things we love.

Over time, we sacrifice our dreams and give into the motions at home, our business, and our personal relationships.

And while we urge for change, when it’s time to take action, we sabotage our minds with reasons why we can’t succeed.

In today’s episode, Rebecca Skeele walks us through the exact journey she went through to overcome these obstacles (and how you can too.)

In her mid-thirties, everything in her life that she thought was right, came crashing coming down on her. On the outside everything seemed perfect according to societal roles and expectations – on the inside, she was living a life of emptiness that wasn’t based on her true self.

Not satisfied, she set off on a two-year master’s program where she began to discover the truth about her life and how she wanted it to be. 

The secret?

Your life and business are a reflection of who you are internally.

Over the last 10 years, she’s taken this knowledge and helped clients in her private practice clear their limiting beliefs, uncover their true and authentic self, and live a life of passion and abundance. She does this by tapping into their spiritual, divine nature, and allowing that to guide them through the growth of their life and business.