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Episode #3: The One Shift I Made to Break Six Figures

Sep 10, 2019

You Will Learn

  • The key differences between a growth and fixed mindset.
  • How your approach to business is based on the environment you grow up in as a kid.
  • The key differences between a growth and fixed mindset.
  • How my 4-year-old daughter applied a growth mindset to learn how to ride a bike.
  • The critical soft-skills that all entrepreneurs must master to achieve success.
  • Why approaching business problems with a growth mindset is a conscious decision.

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Episode #3: The One Shift I Made to Break Six Figures

In 2004, I started my own private practice and made only $21,000. And honestly… all of that was out of pure luck! I don’t remember how I was able to get those clients…

It certainly wasn’t because I was a good marketer. And I wasn’t doing the right things either…

As a matter of fact, I was barely getting by! But in my heart, I wanted to build a six-figure practice.  That was my dream. And I didn’t want to give up on that dream either. But at the time, I had no idea how to get there. 

So, I hired a coach…

She put me on the right path, but something wasn’t quite right…

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I was literally trying everything, and nothing seemed to be working! I’m smart, I learned quickly, and this whole business thing should be easy for me, right? Well… the moment it wasn’t easy for me, I would give up and go find the next “easy thing” to do. Luckily, my coach noticed this behavior and said something that I’ll never forget: 

“Jennifer, nothing is going to work the first time you do it – you need to stick with it!”

And that’s when things clicked for me…

This was the biggest hurdle that I had to overcome to build a six-figure business.  My desire for instant gratification was sabotaging myself without me even realizing it. And that’s when I discovered the power of the growth and fixed mindset!