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Along with parents everywhere, I spent part of my Thanksgiving break watching Frozen II. I’ve somehow managed to get by without ever seeing the first Frozen, so I considered it an obligation to take my kids to see Frozen II. I loved the movie so much more than I expected. I may have walked in out of obligation, but I left a fan. Essential Lessons from Frozen

I also loved the messages in the movie. Essential Lessons from Frozen: there are so many lessons that apply to us as entrepreneurs; I want to share my top 5 lessons here:

(Nobody hates spoilers more than me, so in case you’re one of the 19 people that HASN’T seen Frozen II yet, it’s safe to read on…)

#1: We are called toward something no one else can hear.

Our dream businesses begin in our imagination. Essential Lessons from Frozen, A secret calling that no one else can hear. Often this calling seems ridiculous and impossible. We can try to deny it all we want. We can refuse to hear it. But it’s there. It’s the calling toward freedom. It’s the calling toward creativity. It’s the calling toward more.
When we start our businesses, we say yes to that calling. We invite it in. We nurture it and follow it wherever it leads.

#2: Our calling requires us to venture into the unknown.

When Elsa started out, all she heard was the calling. She had no idea where it was going to lead, or what it would take to get there. It’s the same for us as business owners. We’re stepping into uncharted territory, which is awfully scary. We’re attempting to do things we’ve never tried before. We might even be attempting something that no one we know has ever tried before.
But we have a luxury that Elsa didn’t have: Many before us have already made the journey successfully. While this is uncharted territory for you, many who have gone ahead have left a trail to follow.

#3: Take it one step at a time and just do the next right thing. Don’t look too far ahead, it’s too much to take.

We ALL start a long way from our goal. That doesn’t mean its an impossible goal. It just means you can’t allow it to overwhelm you. You’ll never see the entire path laid out before you, but that doesn’t mean its not there.
Anna accomplished her mission by picking herself up and taking that first step, no matter how daunting her mission seemed.
For us in business, the next right thing is always available to us. Our choice is to decide to take that next right step, even when we can’t see the step after it, and the step after that.
All you can ever do is take the next right step in this moment. Luckily, that’s all you ever need to create the business of your dreams.

#4: Have someone behind you 100%.

In Elsa’s moment of doubt, Anna tells her, “I believe in you completely. I’m behind you 100%.” Who are the people in your life that are behind you 100%? If you don’t have them yet, make your next right thing is to go find the mentor or community that will believe in you completely.
When I’m working with a client who feels overwhelmed and may even want to give up, I can stand in faith for them. I’ve seen so many of my clients overcome barriers and create wildly successful businesses, that I don’t have a moment of doubt.
You will have times when you are overwhelmed and want to give up on your business and yourself. During these times, you need someone to stand in faith and believe completely for you. Make sure you’ve got them in your life.

#5: It would’ve been easy to give up in the Dark Sea.

To build a successful business, you WILL have to cross the Dark Sea. It will seem impossible. You’ll be cold and wet and shivering. You’ll be certain you’ll never make it across.
You will. As long as you keep going.
Remember the mission you are on. Remember the important work you are doing. Remember the people who are counting on you.

The Dark Sea pales in comparison to your power and your capabilities.

Interested in learning more about how these 5 lessons can help YOUR business? Join me for our