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When growing your business where do your thoughts take you when you allow them to wander?
Do they naturally wander to your dream business?
Or do they naturally wander to your fears and worries?

If you’re in the “fear and worry” category, you’re in good company.

This is exactly where most people end up. It’s also a huge obstacle to building your business.Allowing yourself to dwell on these thoughts of fear and worry blocks you from creating the success you desire.


Many of us were actually taught fear and worry when we were growing up. There are many reasons we learned this, but regardless of how and why it happened, you need to know that fear and worry are obstacles to your business growth.

Here’s why…

When you focus on what’s wrong, you grow and magnify the problem through your attention. Let’s say you are worried that you don’t have enough money. You have this conversation going on in your head, “I don’t have enough money. I’m not getting enough clients. I don’t have the revenue I need.” Being stuck in this loop saps your creativity, it blocks your inspiration, and it creates a frantic feeling. NONE of these support the business you want to create.
While it might be true that you’re not getting enough clients right now, what you’re experiencing today is simply a reflection of your past actions. The actions you took six months ago determine the revenue you have in your business today. Dwelling on these results will get you more of the same results.

Instead, focus on what’s becoming. Focus on what you are creating. Focus on the destination you’ve set for yourself.

Growing your business? Focus on this

The more you can immerse yourself in that space of creation, the more vivid your destination becomes. It begins to call you forward. When you focus on where you are now, you’ll take the same actions you’ve taken in the past. When you take the same actions, you end up with the same results. However, when you focus on where you are going, you start to see your situation differently. When you see things differently, you get inspired to take different actions. These actions change your course. You get ideas or meet people “out of nowhere” that put you on course for the success you desire.
This is the magic of growing your business. This is the fun and joy that you get from creating something amazing. The choice to tap into that is yours. When you clarify exactly what it is you want for yourself, and you consistently focus on that, all the other pieces will fall into place for you.
The great news is that you can create the habit of shifting your focus. You naturally go to “fear and worry” because that’s what you were taught, and its become a habit. That doesn’t mean that’s your permanent mindset.
However, you DO need to break through that inertia.

You need to make a conscious effort to shift your perspective. Then you need to practice it until it becomes automatic.

Here’s how I do it…

I’ve found that when I’m caught in that moment of fear and worry, its almost impossible to shift my thoughts. I’m “caught” in those negative thoughts, and the best I can do in the moment is break the pattern. For me, that means taking my dogs on a walk or playing catch with my kids.
Because its so hard to shift those thoughts once they get ahold of me, I spend time every single morning getting my day off to the right start. If I can start out by focusing in the direction I want to go, my day flows so much more smoothly. By choosing to focus on where I’m going, I start my day energized and inspired. The negative thoughts are much less likely to appear, and when they do, they’re less likely to really derail me.
I do this through journaling each morning. I write out my vision, my dreams, my goals. I live in the reality of what I’m creating as though I’ve already created it. By the time I’m done writing, I can’t wait to go and get started. I’m inspired, energized, and eager for the day. Try it for yourself. Or figure out what else works for you.

Growing your business. The time you spend imagining the future you are creating is the most powerful time you’ll have to grow your business.

Because your clients need you now more than ever when growing your busness,  I’ve created a short video ‘Attracting Clients in Uncertain Times’. If you’ve been wondering if you should be marketing in this time of uncertainty, this video explains what you should be doing and how you should be marketing right now. Watch it here!