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Here’s what we cover:


  • The true key to six-figure business success (spoiler alert: it’s not all about marketing)
  • How to do the self-work necessary to manifest the achievements you deserve
  • The thought behind the thought and the power behind your approach to marketing
  • Embracing the process of manifestation to create power and faith within our own lives

Resources & Links

Podcast #15: How to Believe in Yourself (So Your Ideal Clients Will Too)

After coaching six- and seven-figure practice owners for 13 years, I have made it my mission to uncover what sets successful practice owners apart from those who don’t achieve their dreams.

And the answer probably isn’t what you think.

If you want to stop struggling to book clients, struggling to market yourself, and struggling to manifest your dream practice, you’re going to want to listen in.

Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ll cover:
>> [8:44] Growing a business doesn’t start with marketing for most of us.
As a coach, I watch many individuals use the same tools from my programs to try to achieve success. What was so interesting to me was that some would be so successful, and others, using the same tools, didn’t get nearly the same results. As a therapist, I had to dig deeper. That’s when I realized I had been missing just one key piece. And when this key piece is in place, everything just gets ridiculously easy in your life. But when this key piece is missing, it’s tough to get results.

>> [6:25] You have to believe in yourself first before your clients can believe in you.
To reach the next level, there’s one first step that you have to use to unlock your true potential. Say to yourself, “I need to align my beliefs about myself with the desires that I have for my business.”

>> [11:15] We learn to wire our sense of worthiness to the approval of the people that keep us alive.
When you understand the reasons behind lack of belief and worthiness, it makes it a whole lot easier to release it. We must break down generational traumas, even if we were unaware of them, to be able to move forward and step into our truth, to trust in ourselves and our own decisions, rather than seek external validation.

>> [20:51] It’s within your power to decide what you want and then create it.
After a recent mastermind, I asked the group what changed the most in the past six months in their business. What every single person told me is that when they stepped into the belief in who they are and used that power to create, the clients just came. It’s time to embrace the power of manifestation and say, “I am a worthy being capable of creating whatever I want.” This, my friends, is when clients start to become irresistibly drawn to working with you!

Once you start to believe in yourself and honor your worthiness, there will be nothing to get in your way. You are your biggest obstacle. Overcome your self-doubt and embrace your confidence, and all your dreams will manifest with a little hard work.

If you’re ready to take the next step, visit www.theattractingclientsbook.com to get your FREE copy of my recent book Attracting Clients in Uncertain Times, which uncovers my 4-step process to grow your business with a steady stream of new clients.

You are powerful and oh so worthy of achieving the success you envision for your future. You just have to get out of your own way. Take the time to look deep within to build self-trust and belief with the tools we covered in the podcast today!