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As business owners and creative entrepreneurs, we are constantly called toward more. That calling begins with a single spark, inspiring us to take the plunge and start our business. It then emboldens into a fire within that leads us to yearn for a bigger business, a more fulfilled life, and increased prosperity.

However, most of us tend to put out the flame after not obtaining instant gratification and overnight success.

But why?

I fell victim to this mentality years ago. However, I pulled myself out and realized that it’s when we embrace the fire within, acknowledging and channeling our desire for more—that’s when success will truly unfold.

You Must First Embrace the Pursuit of Success & Plenty

In the book Working with the Law by Raymond Holliwell, Holiwell says that where you belong in this world is the place where you can enjoy success and plenty. But finding that place doesn’t happen overnight. He explains that many don’t realize this world is filled with possibilities ready to be claimed. It’s up to you to change your mentality and relentlessly follow your desires to manifest success and plenty in your own life.


I couldn’t agree with HolliwelI more.

In order to live our most fulfilled lives and reach those big business goals we need to find that place that provides us success and plenty. What does that place look like for you?

Now for some, finding this place is easier than for others. Why? Because they’re following the guidelines dictated by society rather than that inner flame, the spark that ignited their journey. My struggle in the early days of building my career led me to realize that I had been taught to chase the same straight-lined path others were walking down. I walked the same path, rather than looking within, embracing my fire and my spirit, and searching for what success and plenty meant to ME. Not those around me.

So like many others, I had to unlearn those societally-induced lessons, and learn some basic spiritual truths to help me find my own version of success and plenty.

Now, I want you to do the same.

I am confident that these spiritual truths will help you find that place of success and plenty as well. Here are several of the key principles that you can consciously incorporate in your journey to success that will help you manifest that big, bold success we both know you’re capable of!

You Reap What You Sow

When you’re struggling to get clients, you’re in what I refer to as “get mode.” You need to get clients and fill up those books to support yourself and your family. Get mode is an awful place to be that breeds negative feelings and affects your self-confidence. You question why you even started your business in the first place, disregarding your spark because you’re not getting what you want out of your business.

You’re trying to sow before you’ve reaped. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “You reap what you sow,” a million times before. It essentially means what you put into it is what you’re going to get out of it.

But what does it mean in terms of business?

When I work with psychotherapists, most ask me, “How do I get more referrals from doctors?”

The first thing I ask in response is, “Well, what value are you providing to the doctors?”

Oftentimes, they can’t answer this question. They’ve been so focused on getting clients and referrals, that they have not even thought about what they’re putting out into the world to attract business.

So how do you fix it?

Creating value must always come first—that’s the sowing of the seeds. When you come from a place of service, you always win.

What value can you create for your potential clients right now? What problems can you help them solve? What education do they need? How do your services provide support for those doctors?

Provide value, and receive value in return

Don’t get down on yourself if you’re not quite where you want to be yet. Think about why you started and embrace the flame, ask yourself the questions above, and your outlook on how to generate new business may begin to shift for quicker results.

Tap Into Divine Inspiration

We all have this higher part of ourselves that is ready, willing, and able to guide us whenever we want—it cradles our clarity, our fire, our energy. Maybe you call it God, your best self, divine inspiration, or just plain old intuition.

When we’re working from this place, it’s easy to accomplish more. We’re powerful, creative, and inspired. Not to mention, we’re also having the time of our lives! We wake up eager for the day, and enthusiastic about what we have to accomplish. This is why we became entrepreneurs in the first place, right?

My goal every day is to spend as much of my day in this higher state of inspiration as possible.

I know that I cannot wait for the inspiration to strike. I must consciously tap into it and work from that place of spiritual connectivity that drives my flame and passions!

When I work from a divinely-inspired state of mind, I can accomplish so much more than when I work from a depleted, discouraged state of mind.

So, how do you tap into this inspiration for yourself?

I do it through reading, journaling, meditation, and exercise.

When I’m sitting down to work on something, I will always do a check in with myself. What mood am I in right now? If it’s any type of negative mood, I step away. I go do something to tap into that inspiration, and then come back to the task.

Try it, I know it will influence your output and drive on a daily basis!

Be Unapologetic for Your Hard-Earned Success

I’m proud of the life I’ve created. I’m proud of the business I’ve created. I’m proud of the team I get to work with every day. I’ve created a life that I enjoy tremendously.

Friends, those words are words I never would have written several years ago.

Our society teaches us to downplay our success, to immediately move on from an achievement to go after the next milestone. I was a victim of this mindset, like I am sure many of you are too. For years, I would have minimized the value of the work that I do, rather than celebrated it.

But as I’ve channeled my inner flame and given into divine inspiration, I’ve learned, grown, and decided to be unapologetic about my success. Why? Because I earned it!

There are people all over the world who have thriving six-figure businesses because of the work we’ve done together, which brings tears to my eyes. I wake up in the morning and spend my days helping other people realize their dreams. That is so powerful.

I’m proud of the work that I do and honored to live this mission daily.

I’m proud that I was able to remodel my kitchen recently.

I’m proud that I am able to travel with my children, exposing them to other cultures and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

My success has always been in service of others. My success comes from my client’s success. We all succeed together.

I want every human on this Earth to be unapologetic about their success. How much more beautiful would life be if we spent time lifting each other up in our successes, lifting ourselves up in the process? Never mind all we could achieve with this celebrated pursuit of greatness!

Embrace the Germination Stage

My daughter Emily has always had a strong connection with nature. When she was little, she loved to grow anything and everything. Cantaloupe was her favorite. So she would eat the juicy melon for lunch, save all the seeds, and head out to the back porch to plant them.

Her enthusiasm was unwavering.

This is how we all start out, isn’t it? A spark fueling our energy and excitement for a new endeavor.

After lunch, she would go take her nap. She would wake up from her nap with this magical sense of wonder and run out to the back porch to see if the cantaloupe had sprouted. Much to her dismay, there was no cantaloupe to be found. Surely something was wrong with the seed, right? So she would dig it up and check. The seed looked okay, but no plant had sprouted.

In her two-year-old brain, she couldn’t fathom why she didn’t have a cantaloupe two hours after she planted the seed.

I think we’re all a bit like this with our goals. We want a six-figure business, where is it? We want to fill our calendar, where are all the clients?

Emily would replant her seed, only to dig it up again 10 more times that day. Every time it was the same thing—disappointment and self-perceived failure. This caused her to lose hope, throwing the seed away and starting again at lunch the next day. It was a constant cycle of disappointment.

Sound familiar? When we don’t see instant results, we start to lose faith. We think surely we’ve done something wrong. Maybe we’re not worthy of our goals. Maybe we need to pick a different goal. Maybe we need to set our sights a bit lower, be a bit more realistic.

But that’s simply not true. Those seeds need time to germinate! So does your dream business. It’s time to embrace the germination stage. Have faith standing in the discomfort of a growth period.

Eventually, Emily got sick of picking the seeds with no reward. So she planted a few and just left them in the pot. About eight days later, we saw some green leaves sprouting up. I was thrilled. She was not. She wanted a cantaloupe, and all she got were these scraggly little leaves. Clearly something had gone wrong!

She didn’t realize that a cantaloupe would bloom from those leaves.

The leaves are not failures. The leaves are the middle of the growth process. Whatever you’re experiencing right now is not failure either. Maybe you don’t have as many clients as you want. Maybe you don’t have the income you want. Maybe you don’t have the business that you want.

Don’t count any of these things as failures. Everything looks like failure in the middle of the process. If you can see where you are as one step closer to where you want to be, you’ll look at it through different eyes, less worried about the outcome.

Those tiny little green sprouts grow and produce a cantaloupe. But it didn’t happen overnight. It needed to go through all the stages. It didn’t look anything like it was supposed to look until it was a nearly complete creation.

Neither will your goals. Just be easy with yourself. Remember why you started and what your end goal is, but realize there are going to be some uncertain growth phases in between the origin and destination.

Let That Fire Burn, Friends.

Now, what do all these spiritual truths come back to?

Listening to that initial spark. Understanding you’re on your current path to find your place of success and plenty. Fueling the fire with passion, clarity, intuition checks, and unrelenting hope and self-trust.

I do much of my writing on my back porch. It’s an inspiring space filled with brightly blooming orchids. I display them as a reminder. Orchids are never afraid to be bright and bold—and that is how I want to live and inspire others to live, too. Allow yourself to embrace your flame, be who you want to be while creating value for others, and I promise your business will begin to soar.

Need a little more inspiration? Check out my free training and discover tips and tricks to being unapologetically yourself to grow your business and trust your path.

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