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Here’s what we cover:


  • How to recognize a quantum leap

  • The key to success, and it’s not ‘work harder’

  • How to find the place where you need the quantum leap the most

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Podcast #14: How to Get a Quantum Leap in Your Results

Did you grow up in a home, like me, where the key to more success was to work harder? Or the key to security was to work harder? Or the key to more money was to work harder?

Then when you work harder your compensation will increase and your quality of life will eventually increase. This is more like the long, slow road to success because if you’re carrying around that work harder mindset, you are never going to allow yourself the space to get a quantum leap.

Very often we are conditioned to this be a little better and work a little harder mindset, we have this idea that success must come incrementally (and we don’t even realize it).

Working harder is not the way success happens. ~Jennifer Sneeden

Success happens in big quantum leaps. This is not about luck, it’s not about chance, or some random universal circumstance or serendipity. There are actually 3 steps that you can go through to build that quantum leap and get quantum leap results. These steps made a huge difference in my life (Hint: I turned my yearly income into my monthly income) and the life of my clients and that’s why I’m so passionate about it.

Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ll cover:

>> The first step in getting your quantum Leap is to try easier.
Many people believe that if they just tried a little bit harder, they could do a whole lot better. And that’s the quantum shift that you need to make.

>> Have a very clear aiming point that moves you forward.
When we have this aiming point, when we know so clearly where we are going, closed doors are not going to dissuade you.

>> Your quantum leap is inside of you.
It’s a shift in how you see yourself, how you see your business, how you see money, how you see the work that you do in the world.

Once you understand the principles of a quantum leap it becomes formulaic and you can put it to work for yourself and your business.

If you know you’re ready for a quantum leap in your business, breakthrough results AND a step-by-step plan to get you there… you absolutely don’t want to miss Business Breakthrough Event! I so honor you for being on this journey to your quantum leap because every step you take makes the world a better place.



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