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There you are with your big dreams and goals, and a pervading sense of disappointment that you never seem to reach them. You want to be successful. You want to have more money, more freedom, more joy. You see it happening for other people.

Yet, there are you are. Wanting it so much and yet it feels out of reach. That nice lifestyle. That 6-figure income. That new kitchen.

So you beat yourself up for being lazy or procrastinating or not being good enough or ___________ (← Insert your guilt trip of choice here.)

First, it’s time to stop beating yourself up. This only hinders your success. Take a deep breath, accept where you are, and know that you DO have the power to change it.

But getting different results, becoming wildly successful, doesn’t happen the way you think it will.

In order to get different results in your business, you have to take different actions. In order to take different actions, you need to change the way you think.

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Did you know that by the age of 7, the foundation for how you think has already been set? You’ve been taught how to think about the world you encounter, and this becomes the filter through which you judge all the events and circumstances around you.

The Key to Improving Your Results

This way of thinking then becomes your default throughout life unless you make a conscious and concerted effort to change it. When you make a decision to change how you think, you are free to take different actions, which then lead to the results you desire.

For instance, I work with a number of clients who are afraid to be seen. Their thought pattern is “don’t put yourself out there”, or “if you stay hidden, you are safe.” This belief can serve a very important purpose in childhood, but it is NOT going to help them create success in their businesses. As long as they think it’s better not to be seen, they are going to struggle. Once they free themselves of that belief, success can flow to them easily.

Next time you find yourself falling back into limiting beliefs or patterns of thought, ask yourself, “How would the best version of me see this?” This will help you create a new way of thinking, one that provide the foundation you need for the success you desire.