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Here’s what we cover:


  • The 4 reasons you’re not getting the results you want in your business and how to shift your motivation mindset to reach those big goals
  • How to understand the difference between inspiration and motivation and why it’s so important
  • How to stop waiting for money, clients, and success to have fun in your business
  • How to be more gentle with yourself to allow inspiration to come from within

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Podcast #12: Why Motivation Won’t Get You to Your Goals

As business owners, it’s easy to get stuck in a motivation rut.

Spinning your wheels, thinking that all you need to do is suck it up and will yourself to do all the things you have on your to-do list, thinking it will drive your business forward. But, psychology today defines motivation as “the desire to act in service of a goal”. So, is bullying yourself into getting something done really motivating yourself? It’s not! 

Most of us spend so much time forcing ourselves to do the things that we think we “should do”, wrongfully labeling it as motivation.

When in reality, we’re just stifling our passion, our inspiration, and hindering our business, rather than allowing it to flourish and grow.
If you’ve been thinking that motivation is the only thing you need to reach your business goals, I’m going to rock your world and debunk that myth, giving you exactly what you need to set yourself and your business up for true, inspired growth.

You’re going to want to tune in to this episode!

Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ll cover in the episode:
>> [7:38] First and foremost, motivation is actually hindering your process because there’s this inherent conflict within yourself of, “I don’t want to do this, but I have to do this.” And that’s just not the place where you can be a successful business owner.
The place where you are going to be a successful business owner is when you are enjoying your work and loving what you’re doing, and you truly have what’s motivation—a desire to act in service of a goal, not chasing an external carrot.

>> [8:32] Second, if you need motivation to do something, you are not yet ready for action on that thing. I spent so much time forcing myself into doing something I thought I was supposed to do, but I really had no interest in doing, and it basically held me back for six months that I could have been finding what I really loved and was really passionate about.

>> [12:02] Third, always wait for that desire to act in service of the goal. In my mind, I call this inspiration. I take action when inspiration strikes, because I believe when we look at reaching our goals, building our business, increasing our income, action is actually the third or fourth step in the process. If we’re not ready for action, we’re holding ourselves back instead of moving ourselves forward. So instead of trying to wrestle yourself into doing something, wait for inspiration to strike, because when it does, it is just so darn good.

>> [15:10] Lastly, be gentle with yourself. Often the conversation in your head is about what you should be doing, what you didn’t do, what you didn’t do well enough, what you don’t have yet. We’re so tangled up in this conversation that there’s no space in our brain for inspiration to arise!

So, are you ready to let yourself slow down and channel that innate inspiration that will truly allow you to soar? It’s time to ditch the self-disparagement and allow your true purpose to lead the way. I know you can do it! To help provide you with even more tips and tricks to grow your practice to the level you’ve always envisioned, I want to give you a FREE copy of my new book, Attracting Clients in Uncertain Times. The book provides a 4-step actionable approach to growing your business in today’s landscape—it truly is possible to succeed no matter what is going on in the world around you! Visit www.theattractingclientsbook.com for more details.






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