Two Steps to Banish Fear

One of my greatest fears used to be the fear of running out of money. I remember once when I was certain I was running out of money and didn’t know how I was going to get through this. I sat in fear and worry, not doing anything but ruminating on all the doomsday... read more

When You Need Help Taking Action on Your Goals

People often ask me for help getting into action. “I’m a procrastinator.” “I make to-do lists that never get done.” “I know what I should be doing to grow my business, but I never do it.” They want me to somehow push them (with love) from inaction to action. I never... read more

Today is the Only Day that Matters

Every bit of power and possibility you have to live your dream life is right here, right now, today.  It’s within you to claim that power so that you can live the fullest, richest life you are meant to be living. It’s also fully within you NOT to claim that power. You... read more

Yes, You Failed. Now What?

Last night’s dinner was, well, edible, but just barely. It consisted of undercooked corn on the cob, with lots of silk still attached, overcooked burgers that were cold by the time they were served, and fries that had been left to soak in the cooking oil for about... read more

Why Creating Abundance Can Seem So Dang Hard

Sure, you’ve heard all the woo-woo talk about creating a picture of abundance and abundance will flow into your life. You’ve heard that it isn’t supposed to be difficult, but that sounds very difficult to believe when your life looks nothing like the life you imagine... read more

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