Two Ways to Overcome Fee Resistance

Clients are much more likely to say ‘Yes’ to working with you when they believe they are getting a GREAT value for their money. Not a good value, but a GREAT value. You have two strategies to make your services a great value for your potential clients. 1. Decrease... read more

7 Steps to Reach Your Goals Faster

7 Steps to Reach Your Goals Faster.  As a business owner you’ve got goals upon goals. Those goals you share with the world, and those secret goals that you hold close to your heart. In fact, the whole reason you even HAVE a business is because of a goal. 7 Steps to... read more

Social Media Tips for Therapists Coaches and Healers

This is the time for social media. Social media has never been as important to your business and your clients as it is right now. If you’re a bit “late to the game” and haven’t been active on social media, here are a few ideas to jump start your social media with... read more

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Jennifer is an author, speaker, therapist, mentor and visionary. Her passion for helping entrepreneurs build successful businesses is the driving force behind her own success.

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