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Every bit of power and possibility you have to live your dream life is right here, right now, today. 

It’s within you to claim that power so that you can live the fullest, richest life you are meant to be living. It’s also fully within you NOT to claim that power. You have the ability to choose what you create in your life by the choices you make today.

Everything you’ve done before today is finished. Either you can chalk it up as a success, or you can treasure it as a lesson learned. You don’t get a “do-over”, so there is no point on dwelling in that moment. When you dwell on everything you perceive as a past shortcoming, you create a cycle of guilt and shame that derail you from the life you desire to live.

So you didn’t exercise yesterday. Feeling badly about it only makes it harder to exercise today. Take responsibility and choose in this moment to get up and do 10 burpees. You’ll feel great about yourself.

Just as you have no power over yesterday, neither do you have any power over tomorrow. You can’t predict what tomorrow will bring. Regardless of what it might bring, it will be harder to show up as your best self tomorrow than it is today.

Every day that you allow your old programming to control your actions makes it harder and harder to change them in the future. That neural pathway gets more and more reinforcement, making it easer and easier for that to remain your default response.

The choices that you make today determine what tomorrow will bring.

I remember one week when I was still growing my business that my sales were $374 for the week on Friday morning. I was really disappointed. Obviously $374 wasn’t going to pay the bills, and it certainly wasn’t going to get me to my dream business.

I decided to have a little pity party for myself. I had a deep calling to help people live more abundant lives, and here I was with $374 in revenue. It felt so incongruous; I felt like a fraud. I allowed myself to sit with that disappointment for a little while, just like I teach my clients to do. Then I took a bike ride to clear my head.

It was on that bike ride that inspiration struck. I heard this message: “This is your moment to change.” I realized that looking at my sales numbers had sent me into my old programming of disappointment and lack. That was a well-worn pathway for me at the time, so it was easy to default there.Today is the Only Day that Matters

I felt such clarity in that moment that I could either live in this disappointment or make a change. It was the first time I had seen the power of a single moment so clearly.

Once I saw that power, the ideas and the inspiration flowed faster than I could keep up. When I was having my pity party, I was so disempowered that I couldn’t see a way out. The instant I decided to make a change, the answer appeared before me.

I went home, crafted an email for a 6-week coaching program, and sent it. By the end of the day, I already had four people enrolled.

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It had been within my power to do this all along. The clients wanting coaching were already there. The program I had to offer was already there. The change I wanted to make was already there. I just couldn’t see it because I was mired in my old belief. The moment I rose above that, I was able to easily see the solution.

Right in this moment you have the power to change your life. You can show up as the best version of yourself, or you can show up as a smaller version of yourself.