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There are two elements that directly contributed to the success of my business, and created prosperity in my life: clarity and action. I’ve come to realize that these two elements not only underpin my success, but are essential ingredients in every successful business I’ve worked with, and even in my friends’ successful businesses.

These two elements are easy for anyone to adopt, and can make a significant improvement in the growth and profitability of your business, as well as on your own bottom line.

The reason they are so important is they are antidotes to the two biggest killers in business:

Shiny Object Syndrome — When you suffer from shiny object syndrome, its you are constantly distracted, jumping from one thing to the next without ever making progress. Success takes time. It takes time to get good at whatever strategy you are implementing. If you don’t stick with something long enough to get good at it, you’ll never make progress.

Inaction — Inaction is the biggest dream killer I’ve seen. Generally, inaction is caused by either a lack of confidence, or by trying to figure out all the steps to success before you get started.

If you’ve struggled with either Shiny Object Syndrome or inaction, you can start to get dramatically different results by making clarity and action the foundation of work.

I can generally maintain a solid focus on one or two things at a time. If I try to focus on too many things, I get distracted, and nothing gets accomplished. As a business owner, I just can’t afford to allow myself to get distracted. My clarity drives the business, and sets the vision for my team. When I’m clear about where we’re going, the business thrives.

What is it that’s most important to you right now? Is it hitting a financial goal? Launching something new? The desire to have a six-figure business?

Be clear and specific about what it is that you want. I carry a 3 X 5 card with my current goal in my planner, where I see it several times every day. I spend time each day imagining what it will be like when I reach that goal. I feel the joy and excitement of reaching it.

When I’m clear about my goal, everything is weighed against how it will contribute to that goal. I can easily decide whether something is a distraction based on my current goal.

The Two Elements That Took My Business from Struggling to Thriving

Once you are clear about what it is you want, you need to get into action to create movement toward that goal. Your action cements your goal, and creates the “definiteness of purpose” that Napoleon Hill talks about in Think and Grow Rich.

Here’s the best part of getting into action: you don’t have to know how to reach your goal.

In fact, if you did it right, you won’t have any idea how to reach your goal when you’re started toward it. Don’t let that bother you in the least.

All you need to know is what you can do right now, today. Even if it’s a tiny little baby step.

Once you develop clarity about where you are going and take that all-important first step on the path toward your goal, two amazing things will happen:

  1. The next step appears. This is like driving at night with your headlights on. You can’t see all of your surroundings, but you can see far enough ahead of you to see where you’re going. As you move forward, your headlights will illuminate more and more of the path in front of you. Don’t worry about how far you can see. Just focus on what you can see in front of you. That’s enough.
  2. The universe conspires on your behalf. As you move forward toward your goal, the power of the universe goes to work to help you get there. You’ll start to see opportunities appear as if from nowhere. You’ll connect with exactly the right people. You’ll have the resources you need at the moment that you need them. It will start to feel magical.

What is it that you most desire in your life? Its time to step into that desire and allow it to manifest in your life.