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Clients are much more likely to say ‘Yes’ to working with you when they believe they are getting a GREAT value for their money. Not a good value, but a GREAT value.

You have two strategies to make your services a great value for your potential clients.

1. Decrease your fees

This option tends to be the default for many people who have their own money mindset issues. Therapists and coaches with money mindset issues believe that clients aren’t working with them because their fees are too high. If they decrease their fees, they’ll get more clients, right?

Two Ways to Overcome Fee ResistanceWell, you should be aware of a few problems with this approach.

First, there will ALWAYS be someone willing to charge less than you. While there may be an advantage in being the cheapest, there is no advantage in being the second cheapest. If you intend to decrease your fees in order to get clients, be prepared to continue to work for less and less.

Second, when you take this approach, you attract clients that are more interested in cost than quality. This is an important distinction because these may not be the clients you truly want to work with.

2. Increase the value of what you have to offer

Sold on the idea that you don’t want to reduce your fees to get clients? Good. Let’s move on to how you can increase the value of what you offer your clients, so they are eager to

work with you regardless of your fees.

I’ve always been on the high side with my fees, and I can stand firmly behind them because I know I can deliver GREAT value to my clients when they work with me. I’m never looking for ways to reduce my fees. I’m only ever interested in ways I can increase the value I provide to my clients.

Here are a few ways I do this, and how you can too:

  • Position yourself as a Trusted Authority. Clients don’t want a therapist; they want an expert in treating anxiety. When they see you as an expert in solving their specific problem, they will not only seek you out specifically, they will also be willing to pay your fees.
  • Offer a Package or Program. Your clients have a problem to solve, and they want someone who can fix that for them. When you offer a specific program or package, you instill confidence in your work. Potential clients think, “Oh, she knows exactly how to help me. She’s got a whole program for it.” This is much easier for clients to say “Yes” to than open-ended therapy or coaching.
  • Include additional products
  • Create a journal that supplements your work. Imagine how much faster your client would make progress if they were able to continue your work in between your live sessions? This has a high perceived value for your clients and helps them see results quickly.

As you build more value into your services, think about how you can truly serve your clients and make yourself stand out from the crowd. The answer to building your dream business is NOT in lowering your fees in an attempt to get more clients.  There are 7 Steps to Reach Your Goals Faster.

In my book, Attracting Clients in Uncertain Times, I guide you through my process to create more value and position yourself as a trusted authority so you can eliminate fee resistance.

Check out Attracting Clients in Uncertain Times here.