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Sure, you’ve heard all the woo-woo talk about creating a picture of abundance and abundance will flow into your life. You’ve heard that it isn’t supposed to be difficult, but that sounds very difficult to believe when your life looks nothing like the life you imagine for yourself.

So, what gives? If you’re truly supposed to create abundance with ease and grace, why is it so dang hard?

Many people are caught in this tug of war between where they are now and what they want in their lives. It feels like you’re always having to settle for less.

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Here’s where most people get stuck: having less than you want IS part of the process of creating abundance.

As a divine, magnificent human being, you are ALWAYS reaching for more in your life. More money, more abundance, more luxury, more pleasure. That’s a good thing. Reaching for more is the joy of creation. It’s how we make the world a better place.

But think about the flip side of that for a moment: reaching for more also means that you will always want more than you have right now.

Yep. You’ll spend the rest of your life wanting more than you have right now. Which means you have a choice to make: You can either continue to beat yourself up for not having what you want right now, or you can accept that you will always live in that space of wanting more.

If you can accept that you will always live in the space of wanting more, you can start to have patience with the process, you can be easy with yourself for not being “there” yet, you can even start to appreciate what you DO have.

If you allow yourself to get discouraged that you aren’t “there” yet, you’ll create a ton of internal resistance. You’ll get locked into negativity that won’t allow you to move forward into your goals. This negativity will prevent you from creating the abundance that you truly desire.

When I was starting out in business, what I really wanted was to be a business owner. I wanted it with all my heart. I could see myself sitting at my desk in a beautiful office with a gorgeous view.

I manifested that vision pretty quickly. But then I realized that I actually wanted clients for my business. So I set out to create a business with a nice office AND clients.

I manifested that vision pretty quickly as well. But I only made $21,000 my first year in practice. So now, I wanted MORE clients. I got more clients, but I was undercharging. So I wanted fewer clients that paid more money. Then I wanted a more flexible schedule without decreasing my income.

That is the evolution. If you look back over your life, you’ll see the same evolution of your own desires. Wanting more, creating it, and then asking for more again. Your ability to enjoy the more you are asking for BEFORE it manifests makes all the difference in your manifestation.

When you can await the manifestation of your new desire with eager anticipation even before you see evidence of it, you’ll not only accelerate the process of manifestation, you’ll be able to enjoy what you do have so much more.