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Psst. You were meant to create amazing things in this world. You are a magnificent human being who deserves all the success you desire.

The prosperity.

The freedom.

The joy.

The luxury car.

Yes, even the luxury car.

If that’s true, what does it take to get there?

Big, audacious, scary goals. Those goals that you can barely even allow yourself to dream. Those goals that are so big you don’t dare even speak them aloud. You know which goal I’m talking about. THAT goal. That’s the one.

Here’s why that big goal is so important to all the success that you desire: reaching for big goals requires you to grow and stretch as a human being.

The goal itself doesn’t even really matter, as long as it’s big. On the path to that goal, you’ll learn to think different, react differently, show up differently, and experience life differently.

We don’t ever really “reach” our goals. We grow into them. A Course in Miracles teaches that the only thing that’s missing in any situation is what we’re not bringing to it. Manifesting all the success you desire requires that you grow into the person who shows up for life differently.

But that’s a difficult process. We have to let go of the old stories, patterns, habits and beliefs that have held us back in the past. Letting go is easier when you have something else to reach for. That’s where your goals come in. They excite and encourage you to let go of the old so that you can reach for the new.

You have an amazing ability to create whatever you want in your life. It’s the big goals that call you forward into your full potential, so don’t shy away from them. Don’t try to talk yourself out of them. Allow them to blossom in your imagination so they can manifest out in the world.

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